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Maria –Theresia Gymnasium Augsburg

Address: Gutenbergstr. 1, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

Website: www.mtg-augsburg.de

Contact: Udo Legner

Maria Theresia Gymnasium is located in Augsburg , Germany
It is a middle-sized inner-city grammar school with a long educational tradition. The school is divided into three streams: the modern-language stream, the mathematical-scientific stream and the social-science stream. Our pupils comprise a growing number of young people with a migrant background.
Our school has experiences with different projects within the LLP programme, as well as a long tradition with exchanges and excursions to foreign countries.
Over the last few years our school has cooperated with cinemas, theaters, dance schools and municipal museums. The new Project Opening Doors aims at activating more pupils and teachers for such project work and at creating an awareness for communal responsibility. The project Opening Doors should be to the benefit of everyone - the pupils, the pupils' families, the teachers, the schools, the external institutions - as such cooperations do form the basis for further Lifelong Learning. By means of the European cooperation activities, we intend to reinforce the European dimension in school and develop their social skills and communication capacities, and deepen their cultural awareness.
Augsburg has 280000 inhabitants and it is situated in Bavaria, 60 km north of Munich. For a long time Augsburg has been a centre of textile industry. Today’s economy is mainly based on new technologies and is dominated by companies like Siemens and MAN.

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