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Thursday May 2nd
Teachers Pupils
Morning Reception and Info about Murcia. We will pick up your contribution to the European Buffet. Hosts
Midday Lunch, free time (suggestions)
Afternoon Free time
Evening /
Late Evening
Welcome Party at local pub.
INTEGRA will show us their work creating documentaries.
European buffet
Raffle to create international couples to perform in the karaoke/choreography contest
Friday May 3rd
Teachers Pupils
Morning 10.30 Welcome speech by Ana Mula, our principal and someone from our regional educ. dept.
Presentation about our school.
We will hand documentation
Aljada Choir
8.25 normal class.
10.30 General Welcome
Midday 14:00 Lunch in La Torre Restaurant Hosts
Afternoon 15.30-17.00 Meeting in La Torre
Presentations and discussion of our focus in the Project.
Back to the hotel for some rest.
Walk around local malls or Murcia.
Late Evening 19.30 LA NAVE
Presentation by La Nave
Concert Divine
Catering provided by families and teachers
Saturday 4th
Teachers Pupils
Morning Into the Wild: Descend the easy waters of our river Segura, then Calasparray and a visit to the Cueva del Puerto
Midday PICNIC, end of the watery hell.
Afternoon Free
Dine where you please, or ask for advise
SOS Festival?
Sunday 5th
Teachers Pupils
Morning Into History: Cartagena.
Roman Theater.
Sea trip, Parque Torres, Civil War Refuge
Midday Picnic
Afternoon Beach
Dine where you please, or ask for advise Hosts
Monday 6th
Teachers Pupils
Morning 10:00 Into History: Murcia.
Salzillo Museum, Romea Theater, St Domingo Square, Casino, Cathedral and Glorieta.
13:00 Reception Town Hall
8:25 classes (1 hour)
Midday Lunch in Plaza de las Flores
Afternoon Free
19.00 Pupils presentation about each school´s natural and cultural environment, emphasizing possibilities for life long learning
Dine in a pub.
Coreography/karaoke contest: Each country brings two songs, and couples do them according to the Raffle
Tuesday 7th
All of you will be conveniently and properly put in your taxis for the airport, no matter the time.

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