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Instituto de Educación Secundaria. IES Aljada (Murcia)

Address: Calle Ermita Vieja 26, 30006 Puente Tocinos Murcia, Spain

Website: www.iesaljada.es

Yearbook: Revista del IES ALJADA (You probably need to add an exeption to your browsers security in order to view this site)

Contact: Antonio López Nicolás

Under the general concept in the Project, external institutions seem as an opportunity to develop lifelong learning, our participation will be focused in the design of cultural or natural trips. There is a double axis in our approach: a geographic or natural view, and a historic or cultural view. At the same time, to ease the selecting process with external institutions, we have established three territorial levels: Local (Puente Tocinos), Municipal (Calle Ermita Vieja, 26 30006 Puente Tocinos Murcia, Spagna), and Regional (Region of Murcia). This ample focus is a consequence of the excellent field of study provided by the Region of Murcia.

In the spirit of the Project, Teaching can leave the classroom behind if these institutions mentioned above can be inserted in our methodology. At the same time, they can get positive feedback in order to strengthen their contact with teachers and students, thus improving their performance. In our particular case, we can add the role of the Regional Administration. What must the Administration´s part be in using external institutions to achieve or improve Lifelong Learning? This is particularly relevant in our Region of Murcia, where the present economic crisis can paralyze cultural projects (recently found muslim medina in San Esteban, the city center), or even prevent the mere planning of them (muslim palatial complex in Monteagudo). We think this also must be considered along the Project and in its conclusion.

The more conscience among students of the essential role of many institutions, even political, in the preservation of our culture and traditions, both in Spain and in the European Union, the better and sooner will European Citizenship develop, we believe to the good of all.

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Caravaca de la Cruz - Sanctuary of the True Cross

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