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Helsingør Lille Skole

Address: Fredericiavej 1, 3000 Helsingoer, Denmark

Website: www.lilleskolen.dk

Contact: Helle Kristensen

Helsingoer little School is 50 years old, founded by parents in 1962. It is part of a larger association of private schools. The school is situated in Helsingoer, Denmark and has 220 pupils age 6-16 and 27 staff members. Although it's a private and a rather small school, we have pupils / families from all classes in society and different countries and abilities.

The school prepares the students to participate in a democratic society through joint responsibility teaching them about rights and duties in a society with freedom and democracy.

At our school we focus on cross-cultural work and understanding and we are an internationally oriented school. We cooperate with various Scandinavian countries, UK, Germany (Stadilm), and The Gambia in West Africa.

We wish to improve our cultural and international profile by participating in this European project of “Education and Culture - Life Long Learning”.


When visiting Denmark the pupils and staff from the various Comenius countries will be learning about our cooperation with the local culture. We will be visiting our local cultural center: Kulturværftet (The Culture Yard), the library, The International People’s College and Hamlets castle, Kronborg. We will present the cooperation we have with The Gambia and we will bring the Comenius pupils into the active and democratic process in the school.

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