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Click here to view the pictures of the Magical History Tour event December 6. 2012

To have a look inside The Beatles Exhibition just click on the picture to your right.

Kulturpark West, Magical History Tour - Thursday, 6 December 7:30 p.m.

Read all about Kulturpark West in English or visit their German website www.kulturparkwest.de

Kulturpark West Beatles Album Beatles Album Beatles Album

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GET BACK, Magical History Tour, Part II

Friday, 7 December
10.00 a.m. - Opening Doors to Beatlemania at the Kradhalle, Kulturpark West
11:30 a.m. - Opening Doors towards Lifelong Learning"

  1. Introduction by Udo Legner
  2. Presentation of KS:AUG & Kulturpark West by Peter Bommas.
    More at the KS:AUG site
  3. Presentation of "Mehr Musik" by Ute Legner
    More at www.mehrmusik-augsburg.de

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Opening Doors to the Past to learn for the Future

Tour to Dachau and Munich with our guide Robert Johnson

Departure for Munich - Sunday, 9 December 8.45 a.m. / Ulrichsplatz 1

Visit of the Center of Documentation at Dachau

On to Munich

  1. Neues Rathaus - Old Munich and New Inscriptions
  2. München NeuesRathaus
  3. St. Peter's Church. Pictures of the destruction of this Churchshow the level of the destruction contrasted with the completely restored church and Marienplatz.
  4. The Altes Rathaus - Kristallnacht Marker - Shows Munich recognizing its history.
  5. Maximillianstr. Modern Munich's shopping district.
  6. München Odeonsplatz
  7. The Staatskanzlei - Contrasts the idea of a memorial with a monument by showing the Wunde der Erinnerung on the Kanzlei facade juxtaposed with the modern wings of the building which are built as memorials to transparency in democratic process.
  8. München Staatskanzlei
  9. Platz der Opfer der Nazional Sozialismus
  10. Walkthrough to Pinakothek der Moderne - Modern cultural Achievements.

17:00-18:00 Back to Augsburg

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Opening Doors to Media Garden at Holbein Gymnasium

Monday, 10 December 2 p.m.
Presentation of the Media Garden by Thomas Körner-Wilsdorff
Presentation of the project Augsburg Lesebuch by Gerti Hornung

               “there's a hell
                     of a good universe next door; let's go”
               (E. E. Cummings)

The Media Garden Augsburg is an outstanding example of what imagination, commitment and practical know-how can achieve. The Media Garden at the Holbein Gymnasium hosted the first Young Literature Festival “Just Kids, Pop, Poetry and Palaver” in 2012. Ever since its opening a considerable number of famous authors from all over the world have inspired pupils and teachers likewise both with their readings and discussions. We are more than happy and very grateful for the invitation to the Media Garden of the Holbein Gymnasium.

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Grandhotel Cosmopolis

Farewell Film Festival - Monday, 10 December 7.30 p.m.

On the occasion of the first Comenius meeting “Opening Doors for Lifelong Learning” in Augsburg, the P-Seminar “Foreign Film Festival“ of the Maria-Theresia Gymnasium presents a small though exquisite selection of short films. (5 countries, 5 films, 1 Oscar)
Hopefully funny, witty, original and socially committed films from the participating nations will be shown in original version with - if possible – English subtitles. The aim is to create interest in the European film and an insight into different cultural backgrounds.
Culinary delights from our Comenius guests will give an additional European taste to this event and the teams from Bourges, Helsingboer, Murcia and Penzance will present their project plans as appetizers for the meetings to come.

About Grandhotel Cosmopolis

The following text and pictures are adopted from the site tanjaintelaviv.com
Here you'll find more information about Grandhotel Cosmopolis (in German)

98% of a all refugee camps in Schwaben, a district in Bavaria in Southern Germany, are occupied. Due to this the government was in need of new accommodation. They found a six-storied building in the center of Augsburg that has been vacant since 5 years. The grandhotel-team is currently creating a new model for human living and relationships – the Grandhotel Cosmopolis. Beuys concept “Social Sculpture” can be used in our context: He saw society as shapeable material where everybody can and should participate. The idea is to have a living and interacting organism under one roof, just like a rhizome (e.g. a ginger root). Consisting of about 50 refugees, 15 artist studios, 20 hotel guests, a restaurant, a cultural venue, an educational institution and space to be filled with creative ideas.

The experiment is scheduled for the next 5 years…Check out a short video clip here (German) and the roof below will turn into a garden.

So far the project is running since nearly a year and has already realized multiple events from concerts, exhibitions to discussions and the peace-festival.

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