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Collège Jean Renoir

Address: 40, rue des Fileuses, 18000 Bourges, France

Website: www.collegejeanrenoirbourges.fr

Contact: Jacky De Barros

Jean Renoir secondary school was founded when a new residential district called the Val d’Auron was created in the south of Bourges 32 years ago.
People from rather fortunate middle classes then settled in this area. Within the scope of Bourges urban reorganization, people from the north side of the town were displaced towards the Val d’Auron district.
Since 2004, this area has become the most heterogenous one in Bourges notably with the most important number of single-parents families in the town and a shift from a population mainly composed of fortunate middle classes people to a more socially fragile population.
What has always been and still is a challenge for Jean Renoir secondary school’s policy here follows:

Our school has participated in The International Festival of International Ecological Film. Here, in cooperation with the Maria Theresia Gymnasium Augsburg, students have created and promoted an information stand on recycling and sustainability at the Bourges Ecological Fair. In the course of the new project Opening Doors we want to benefit from these experiences and advance to a European stand involving the different Comenius partners.

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