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Mounts Bay School

Address: Boscathnoe Lane, Heamoor, TR18 3JT Penzance, United Kingdom

Website: www.mountsbay.cornwall.sch.uk

Contact: Jennie Hick

Mounts Bay School is a mixed comprehensive school and previously a specialist college for both Sports and Applied Learning. It is situated in Penzance, a small tourist town in the extreme South West of the United Kingdom in an area of outstanding natural beauty yet economic deprivation. Despite many of our students coming from underprivileged backgrounds, they perform well academically and the school has "High Performing School" status.
We were accredited with the International School Award in 2007 and again in 2010 and have numerous international projects and enrichment opportunities including traditional school exchanges with New Zealand, China and Germany as well as school development projects with Norway, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic and various sports and humanities visits across Europe. Many of our students are keen linguists with French, German, Spanish and Italian being offered in the curriculum. (Not forgetting our own Cornish language on St. Piran’s Day!)
Having been an Applied Learning College engendered further developments and we now have international work experience in our partner school, Wiesenschule, a Special School in Germany as well as numerous courses such as Digital Design and Media to prepare our students for the working world of the 21st Century.
The school plays an important role as a hub for many educational developments in the region. As such we value this opportunity to develop innovations and the opportunities to take our learners beyond the classroom context into the wider world both locally, nationally and internationally. We have led international CPD sessions in Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden and Britain and recognise and look forward to using this project as a conduit to improving standards and learning experiences for our students and those in other institutions working with us.

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