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Team France in Penzance, Cornwall

Jacques, Corentin, Elyse, Luc, Gwendoline (from left to right)

Team France in Helsingoer

Mattéo, Matthias, Manon, Adeline, Chloé (from left to right)

Our hosts in Bourges

In front from left to right: Jacques, Titouan, Mattéo
In the middle from left to right: Melisandre, Chloé, Manon, Anne-clothilde, Elyse, Raphaëlo
In the back from left to right: Luc, Corentin, Adeline, Geoffrey

Team France in Murcia

Team France in Augsburg

Anne-Laure (teacher), Manon, Adeline, Elyse, Matéo, Matthias, Lény (teacher) (from left to right)

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